Simple, Practical, Secure

The SmartLock system integrates the POM parking meter mechanism (smart or conventional) with the vault lock.  Before the traditional key will operate the lock, an authorized SmartLock chip card or infrared communications device must be used.  Optional programming allows the SmartLock card (or communications device for coin-only meters) to audit the meter as it releases the lock.  SmartLock is available for existing housings with the addition of a new door.

  • No more lock picking        
  • Lost, stolen or duplicated keys will not gain entry without the SmartLock card or communicator.
  • Smart wireless meters receive audit data over cellular network to MeterManager.Net as each meter is collected using the audit card.  This same audit card enables the SmartLock in meters so equipped.     
  • A time/date/mechanism/user ID record is created for each vault entry.  
  • Low-cost — SmartLock uses conventional, inexpensive locks and keys while adding a second level of access security.
  • SmartLock cards or communications devices may be limited to the number of uses, and/or an expiration date/time can be set, for added security.