Repair Policy

If your meter is out of warranty and you want to send it in for repair, please put a note with it indicating what the issue is, box it up with good, protective cushioning, and take it to your local UPS or Fedex office.  POM will only send a prepaid courier for items under warranty.   Damage in shipping caused by improper and/or inadequate packaging and separation (i.e. multiple items) are NOT covered by warranty.   Please do not send meters that are so old the main boards and coin chutes are no longer available, as our repair technicians will not expend labor to troubleshoot them.  If we do receive one that is non-repairable, we will need authorization to either return it as-is and bill you for the shipping, or authorization to scrap it at the factory.  If you are unsure if your meter is repairable, press the reset button and call POM Customer Service with the firmware number (first 8 digits that appear after reset) and we will look it up.  Thank you.